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Our Vision

Tailwag is a newly established boutique recruitment agency in Malta backed up by some of the most influential individuals within the industry.

Hunters by Nature, Tailwag Recruitment aims to elevate standards within the industry by finding top jobs for top dogs. At Tailwag we offer a thorough, discreet and above all professional service to companies and individuals throughout the island specialising in character-matching and taking the time to understand our candidates and clients. We are all about making sure that your recruitment process, is a walk in the park.

Our success is based on building strong, long-term relationships with our clients and candidates through trust, honesty and a transparent service that provides both knowledge and advice, providing a solution to your recruitment needs, quickly and efficiently.


Our Objectives

Going beyond the traditional recruitment process that advertises and uses a database search to find its candidates, adds little value to the direct sourcing team. What should add value is the capability to access pools of talent that are not visible or do not respond to approaches via social or advertised media that can be leveraged by referral and relationship.

Recruitment as a discipline is evolving rapidly. Social media is changing the way that skills are visible in the marketplace. This revolution gives us, as recruiters, new opportunities to access and deliver talent, therefore to deliver talent we believe that we must build relationships with specialists across different industries and talent pools so that we are able to leverage such relationships to gain referrals to not just the most visible talent, but to the best talent.

Visibility does not necessarily generate delivery and thus we go to great lengths to build relationships to be able to deliver this talent to our clients. we have invested in building a unique way to be able to tap into that market and we are committed to providing excellence in recruitment for the future.


Our core values


We understand people’s skills and experience, making it an art of matching people with the right opportunity. We build a sound understanding of what’s required to ensure the ideal fit for any role.


We are tenacious in fulfilling our commitments to our clients and candidates. Their success is our success, so we don’t hold back. We make brave moves, aim high, and work hard every day to deliver the positive impact that achieving success brings to people’s lives.


We take time out to have fun. We work together as a team to develop a creative and professional environment full of energy and laughter. Our team works comfortably together and are motivated to generate productivity.


Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds


Fabio Muscat

Graduated from Cambridge International College, Fabio is the second generation of his family’s business currently occupying the role of Group Chief Executive Officer for one of the islands’ most prominent group of companies that employs over 3000 employees.

Raised in a family business, his values are rooted on the importance of personal touch with clients, quality that exceeds expectations and also the importance of appreciating the employee. Fabio brings to the table a fresh outlook on modern business trends having a passion for brands.

Recruitment Manager

Sacha Borg

As our recruitment manager, Sacha brings to the table ample experience from different industries namely, Tech, Finance, Legal, Gaming and marketing. He started his career in recruitment 4 years ago focusing mainly on the IT and iGaming side and then progressed to Finance and Legal recruitment. Having also spent over a year working in the iGaming industry on the operations side, Sacha has the experience and understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, the challenges faced on a daily basis when recruiting the right candidates and also the urgency required to find the right people for the role and the company.
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Martina Caruana

Having a background in Front Office Management, Martina furthered her experience by pursuing studies in the travel and tourism industry. She then kicked off her career by working as a recruitment officer, from which she progressed to hold a Quality Assurance Officer position for a leading company. Furthermore, Martina continued to diversify her experience by specialising on Social Media platforms, a skill which will surely prove to be an asset for the team!
Tailwag inspector


Nelson has been in employment for the past 2 years whereby he has been actively involved in searches mainly for bones and chew toys. Through the experience gained, he has increased his ability in fetching for the right candidate with cheerful barking upon every successful search. He has joined the team as an inspector on the Tailwaggers and he is often sniffing around at the offices.


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